Chris Hemsworth Is ‘Definitely Not’ Done With ‘Thor’ After ‘Love And Thunder’

While one Chris from the Marvel Cinematic Universe dealt with an, um, leak on Saturday, Chris Hemsworth was careful not to spoil anything about the forthcoming Thor: Love and Thunder in an interview with polish outlet Elle Man. But as Variety noted, Hemsworth made it clear we shouldn’t expect to say goodbye to the god of thunder anytime soon.

Hemsworth may not be returning to the fourth Thor movie as his heftier self, but the more comedic Chris of the MCU noted that he does not expect Love And Thunder to be the last Thor movie he makes.

When asked if Thor would retire after the upcoming movie, Hemsworth asserted that it wouldn’t be the end for his character.

“Are you crazy?! I’m not going into any retirement period. Thor is far too young for that. He’s only 1,500 years old,” he said. “It’s definitely not a film that I say goodbye to this brand. At least I hope so.”

The speculation that Hemsworth may pass the hammer to a new Thor is certainly warranted, especially given the current changes happening elsewhere in the MCU. And as Variety noted, we already know that Love And Thunder will see Natalie Portman return as Jane, a character who has taken the Thor mantle for a time in the comics. But Hemsworth, while not committing to a fifth standalone movie in particular, seems keen to return as Thor in at least some form or another.

He also teased a bit about what will actually happen in the movie, though it wasn’t much more than the fact that he had more fun reading this script than the much-beloved Ragnarok, which certainly set the bar for Marvel silliness.

“After reading the script, I can say that I am very excited. In this production, there will for sure be a lot of love and a lot of lightning,” he said. “I’m glad that after all that happened in ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ I’m still part of the Marvel Universe and we can continue the story of Thor. Of course, I can’t reveal anything about the plot. But to satisfy your curiosity, I will say that reading the script, I had a lot more fun than on ‘Thor Ragnarok,’ and that shows something because that movie was brilliant.”

Thanks to a pandemic, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see whether Love and Thunder will at least match the fun Ragnarok had in store for Marvel fans. But there’s at least some relief in the idea that it won’t be the last we see of the big guy.