Christina Ricci Revealed How She Was Threatened With A Lawsuit Over Refusing To Do A Sex Scene ‘In A Certain Way’

Christina Ricci may have made time to appear in Wednesday for Netflix, but her real attention-grabbing role has been doing down over at Showtime. Of course I’m talking about Yellowjackets, which premieres its second, double-downed season on March 26 and has Ricci chewing her role up like bubblegum as the adult version of the terrifying yet resourceful Misty. The portrayals of both Ricci and Samantha Hanratty (who plays the younger version of the soccer team equipment manager) have chances to go off the rails even more this season, and as I already promised, this will be fun time for the audience.

Also good news, as Ricci recently revealed, is how she is thrilled for her younger co-stars because they can embark upon Hollywood careers without dealing with some of the garbage of yesteryear. Ricci had previously expressed relief at how she hasn’t “done a sex scene in a couple years” while discussing how times have changed with Sydney Sweeney (who was talking about feeling very comfortable with Euphoria‘s intimacy coordinators). Now, she’s revealing how bad things were back in the day, because “[s]omeone threatened to sue me once because I didn’t want to do this sex scene in a certain way.”

Ricci opened up on The View, via Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s really great. Us older ladies talk about it all the time. It’s amazing to see that they don’t necessarily have to go through the things we had to go through. They’re able to say, ‘I don’t want to do this sex scene,’ ‘I’m not going to be naked.’ They can set boundaries for themselves that we were never allowed to do…. It’s really changed and it’s great to see.”

One more bonus about Yellowjackets: portraying Misty on Yellowjackets doesn’t present too much opportunity for onscreen sexy time, which was likely a relief for Ricci to behold. But hey, you never know what will go down with that Elijah Wood character, and what he will be up to in Season 2. Again, the sleeper hit returns on March 26 to compete with the likes of Succession. It feels good to have Sunday night TV battles again.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)