DC To Deliver Mystery, First Meetings And Superhero Punch-Ups In This Summer’s ‘Trinity War’

What would the summer be without big comic crossover events? Well, probably significantly less expensive, but hey, they’re tradition! Besides, what’s summer for but sitting in the basement reading comics and playing video games? Camping? Who said that? Get the hell out of here.

What was I talking about again? Oh right, Trinity War! DC Comics’ big summer Justice League crossover! What’s it going to be about exactly?

Well, somehow the New 52 Universe has gone and accumulated three Justice Leagues — the regular A-list one, the Dark one and the one with Vibe in it. When an unspecified hero dies misunderstandings and sparks start flying between the three Leagues and soon it’s superhero punch-up time! Superheroes dying and fighting each other instead of the villains? These ain’t your grandaddy’s comics! Hmmm, I think my grandaddy mostly read Archies actually.

DC is calling the crossover an “action mystery”, with the mystery bits revolving around the “Trinity of Sin”, a trio composed of The Question, Phantom Stranger, and Pandora, the mysterious character who was hidden “Where’s Waldo?” style in every New 52 launch title back in September, 2011. Pandora will be getting her own series in June.

Trinity War, which kicks off in July, will be spread across DC’s three Justice League titles (Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark). The crossover will be written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire, two writers as different as their spellings of Jeff/Geoff. Should be an interesting meeting of minds. Also, Superman’s going to fight Shazam! Blammo!

via USA Today