Wonder Who Trump Was Referring To When He Proclaimed ‘Some Of Us Have Horrible Children’ At An Iowa Rally

Donald Trump may have finally gone full Logan Roy. While stumping for Iowa governor Kim Reynolds and longtime senator/future star of Weekend at Bernie’s III Chuck Grassley in Sioux City on Thursday night, the topic turned to estate taxes, a conversation that is clearly near and dear to the former president’s heart.

While bragging about winning the state of Iowa twice, Trump performed some more vigorous self-back-patting about how he “virtually eliminated the unfair estate tax, or death tax, on farms and farmers. So that now when you pass away… if you like your child — who I always say, if you don’t like, leave it to charity.”

But Trump, sounding like he really wanted to get something off his chest, wasn’t done yet. “Some of us have horrible children,” he stated emphatically, though without naming names. “Do you have any horrible children?,” he asked the crowd — then asked again, pointing to the people sitting in the front row ahead of him. “Does anybody have a child where you really are not going to leave your farm? If you don’t like them… then what I did for you doesn’t mean anything.”

Still, while Trump definitely wanted to remind the farmers in the audience of what he had done for them, he also wanted them to know that it was totally ok to not like your kid. Which, jeez, it’s hard to imagine why that strongly unpaternal thought would ever enter his mind — especially as he, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are getting ready to face a massive lawsuit together. What’s that old saying about the family that frauds together?