Don Jr. Went On Hannity’s Show And Basically Spewed Russian Propaganda While Trashing America’s Intelligence Community

It says a lot about a person’s state of mind that they would more readily believe the U.S. Intelligence Community is using its time and resources to fabricate threats from Russian than that Russia would be plotting a cyberattack on the U.S. in retaliation for our attempts to help Ukraine—which is on the verge of war with Russia—better defend itself against Vladimir Putin and his people. But that’s exactly where we found ourselves on Thursday night, when Donald Trump Jr.—shouty as ever—called bullsh*t on the well-sourced rumblings that Putin has put his best people on planning a massive cyberattack on America.

As Raw Story reports, Trump Jr.—who is regularly featured on Fox News as a political pundit, despite having no political experience whatsoever—railed against the U.S. Intelligence community and made the outrageous claim that there is no threat to America from Russia. “I imagine that’s our people lying to us to try to instigate getting us into another war to distract from the incompetence,” Trump Jr. said.

The most disturbing part of Trump’s rant was when he claimed he gets to read intelligence reports?! While his father, as a former president, would have access to this information, “Aimless Adult Son of Former President” is not typically a job title that gets a person that kind of security clearance.

As Raw Story writes, “Trump Jr. then went on to claim that Ukraine is ‘calling in favors’ from Biden to cover up his son’s alleged corruption, despite the fact that multiple European countries are also sending military assistance to the nation.”

You can watch his unhinged rant below.

(Via Raw Story)