Marla Maples Puked Her ‘Guts Out’ After Learning That Trump Filmed A Pizza Hut Commercial With Ex-Wife Ivana

Donald Trump is well-known for his love of McDonald’s, but in 1995, he agreed to star in a commercial for another fast food chain: Pizza Hut. Turns out, McDonald’s wasn’t the only one he was betraying. At the time, Trump was married to Marla Maples after a bitter divorce from his first wife Ivana, who was understandably not thrilled that he had an affair with Maples. If you recall Trump’s infamous commercial for Stuffed Crust Pizza, it also stars Ivana. The whole thing makes it seem like they’re having a torrid love affair, which Trump never told Maples about until after he filmed the ad.

According to Maggie Haberman‘s new book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, Maples puked her “guts out” after she learned about the commercial. Via Business Insider:

It hints at a tryst between Trump and his ex-wife, with the couple saying it’s “wrong” but “feels so right.” After a pause, the two whip out a pizza box and agree to “eat our pizza the wrong way,” meaning crust-first.

They then poke fun at their divorce, with Ivana Trump reaching for the pizza box and asking, “May I have the last slice?”

“Actually,” Donald Trump says in the commercial, “you’re only entitled to half.”

In classic Trump style, the story gets way worse. Not only did Trump film the ad in Trump Tower while Maples was at Mar-a-Lago with their daughter, Tiffany, but he bragged to two of his executives that she got sick after he came clean about the commercial.

“The poor kid. I started to tell her and she got sick. She said she had to go,” Trump said before using a “nasal falsetto” to mock Maples’ voice and sharing that she had to “puke her f*cking guts out.” Incredible that their marriage didn’t last.

(Via Business Insider)