9/11 Survivors Held A News Conference To Torch Trump Over His Saudi Golf ‘Bullsh*t’: ‘How Much Money Does It Take To Turn Your Back On Your Country?’

Donald Trump is being blasted by 9/11 survivors after attempting to wave off their concerns about the former president hosting a tournament for the Saudi-backed LIV golf series. Despite specifically blaming Saudi Arabia for the 9/11 attacks during his 2016 campaign, Trump had a convenient and pretty jarring change of heart (even for him) after the tournament pumped a significant amount of money into his Bedminster golf course.

“Nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11, unfortunately. And they should have,” Trump told reporters on Thursday. “As to the maniacs that did that horrible thing to our city, to the country, to the world. So nobody’s really been there, but I can tell you that there are a lot of really great people that are out here today, and we’re gonna have a lot of fun, and we’re going to celebrate.”

Adding insult to injury, Trump also told the Wall Street Journal that he has no idea what the 9/11 families want even though they had reached out to him with their exact concerns about the tournament. “I don’t know exactly what they’re saying, and what they’re saying who did what.”

Well, the 9/11 families and survivors are not going away quietly. During a press conference on Friday, survivor Tom Frolich called out Trump for pretending to not know who perpetrated the attack. “You lied to our face and you’ve continued your bullsh*t comments as recently as yesterday in your ESPN interview,” Frolich said. “It’s simple: The Saudis did it.”

Juliet Scocco from 9/11 Justice also flamed Trump for his stunning reversal. “How much money does it take to turn your back on your country?” Scocco said during the conference. “We 9/11 families would trade any amount of money in the world just to see our loved ones again.”

Trump has yet to respond to this latest round of concerns for hosting the Saudi-backed tournament, but when he does, we’re sure it will be a calm and measured response that in no way continues to downplay the severity of one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil. (It’ll be exactly that.)

(Via The Recount on Twitter)