Trump, Who Once Blamed 9/11 On Saudi Arabia, Has Had A Miraculous Change Of Heart Now That He’s Making Money Hosting Saudi-Backed Golf Tournaments At His Clubs

Despite the 9/11 terrorist attacks happening two decades ago, and in his own city, Donald Trump still can’t figure out who’s responsible for them. The twice-impeached president recently made the gobsmacking decision to host the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf series at his Bedminster course this week despite currently being under investigation for launching his own attack on America with the Jan. 6th insurrection. But, instead of playing dumb Trump doubled down on his defense of the tournament’s Saudi sponsors.

“They’ve been friends of mine for a long time,” Trump told reporters at the tournament. “They’ve invested in many companies and, frankly, what they’re doing for golf is so great. Nobody ever knew there was going to be a gold rush like this.”

The Saudi golf league is being touted as an alternative to the PGA tour, something Trump also talked about, but while the money seems to be a big factor in players (and Trump) making the switch to this new league, Trump pretty much refused to hold his “friends” accountable for their role in the 9/11 attacks which is the reason so many families of the victims are protesting the tour.

“Nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11, unfortunately. And they should have,” Trump continued. “As to the maniacs that did that horrible thing to our city, to the country, to the world. So nobody’s really been there, but I can tell you that there are a lot of really great people that are out here today, and we’re gonna have a lot of fun, and we’re going to celebrate. Money’s going to charity, a lot of money’s going to charity, and you have really the best players in the world.”

He had a similar, nonsensical response when The Wall Street Journal quizzed him on the ethics of hosting the tour too.

“I don’t know much about the 9/11 families, I don’t know what is the relationship to this, and their very strong feelings, and I can understand their feelings,” Trump said. “I can’t really comment on that because I don’t know exactly what they’re saying, and what they’re saying who did what.”

It’s a truly bizarre explanation that’s even more puzzling when you remember what Trump had to say about the Saudi’s involvement in 9/11 during his 2016 presidential run. Back then, Trump fought against the Republican party’s insistence that the attacks were orchestrated by Al-Qaeda forces with help from Iraq, telling supporters “It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center. You may find it’s the Saudis, okay?”

In fact, 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals and our government suspected members of Saudi Arabia’s government of helping to facilitate the attacks on the World Trade Center. So, in a way, Trump was right — which you’d think he’d still be shouting from the rooftops 20 years later — but it sounds like a good-paying day on the green is enough to get him to switch allegiances and have selective amnesia about one of the worst days in America’s history.

(Via Mediaite)