‘When The Edibles Kick In’: An Awkward Moment In Dr. Oz’s First Senate Debate Led To The Creepiest Face, And No One Can Handle It

Dr. Mehmet Oz is still actually running for that Pennsylvania senate seat, and of course he’s endorsed by Trump while doing so. This ex-presidential nod has caused MAGA backlash, including from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, and let’s just say that Oz did not clean up at the debate.

As Mediaite reports, rival David McCormick (an ex-hedge fund CEO) owned Oz in a few contexts in only one line. Oz had already branded him as “Dishonest Dave,” who Oz claimed “went groveling to President Trump,” but Trump “did not endorse him.” The subject in question was, uh, fracking and Oz bragged, “I know how exactly to manage our energy issues.”

From there, McCormick nailed Oz for how he “keeps talking about President Trump’s endorsement is because he can’t run on his own positions and his own records.” He then declared, “And what’s true is that he has flip-flopped on every major issue we’re talking about in this campaign.” McCormick wasn’t done yet: “He’s never – in his entire media career – advanced a conservative agenda.” Do you want more? Sure: “The problem, doctor, is there’s no miracle cure for flip-flopping. And Pennsylvanians are seeing right through your phoniness and that’s what you’re dealing with. And that’s why you’re not taking off in the polls.”

At this point, Oz and McCormick are pretty darn close to each other in the polls. However, McCormick may have scored some points at this moment in the debate. Or rather, Oz may have lost them after making this face:

Naturally, people couldn’t resist responding to this face. “Dr. Oz staring dead ahead like he just farted loudly in church” is a response that happened. “Stuffed in a locker” also popped up as well as various mentions of Botox and edibles hitting hard.

Oh politics, you can be fun at times.

(Via Mediaite)