A Bizarre, Sexist Profile Of Drew Barrymore In An In-flight Magazine Might Not Be Real

10.04.18 11 months ago 2 Comments

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Every job has its unexpected tasks — duties not mentioned in the job posting or during the interview. One unfortunate part of being famous is you have to spend a good chunk of your life talking to journalists. They may bug you with nosy, sometimes close-to-sociopathic questions; your answers, made of words you may not recall uttering, then wind up in print forever. But few interviews are as unfortunate and bizarre as the new Drew Barrymore profile found in a recent issue of the in-flight magazine Egypt Air.

The piece was caught by political analyst Adam Baron, who posted a screengrab on Twitter along, promising that it was “surreal.” He wasn’t kidding: It’s a riot of blatant inaccuracies, comments by the writer that are by turns intrusive and rude, inventive grammatical errors, and quotes that seem to have been translated into another language then re-translated back into English.

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