Elon Musk’s New Plan Is To Drag His Twitter Legal Battle Out Into Next Year

If you’ve been enjoying Elon Musk’s rollercoaster Twitter deal-or-no-deal ride, there’s a chance you’ll be enjoying it for quite a bit longer. Last week, the social media giant formally sued the Tesla honcho after he tried to back out of his whopping $44 billion deal to purchase them. They sought a speedy trial, hopefully in September. But now the ever-impish Musk wants to push it back all the way to next year.

As per The New York Times, Musk’s lawyers filed a move on Friday to delay the trial all the way to February. They accused Twitter execs of rushing the court case, calling the affair a “two-month treasure hunt of delays, technical bottlenecks, evasive answers and, ultimately, refusals.” Key to their argument is Musk’s claims of excessive amounts of bots, accusing them of trying to “shroud the truth” about how many accounts are fake. It also gives him and his legal team more time to mount their case.

It’s a sharp rebuke to Twitter, who themselves have accused Musk of having “knowingly, intentionally, willfully and materially breached” their contract.

If the court accepts Musk’s request, that gives him and his frequent dueling partner Donald Trump plenty of more opportunities to duke it out on various social media services.

(Via NYT)