Who Is Emily Ratajkowski? Meet Pete Davidson’s Latest Lover

Are Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski dating? That’s what some sources have told reporters. Neither of them has confirmed nor denied the allegations, but if you’ve never heard of Davidson’s latest (alleged) squeeze, you might need a brief primer. So here goes.

Ratajkowski is a model and actress. Born in London to American parents and raised in San Diego, she began her career in the former. At 14, with the approval of her parents, she launched her career as a model. Around the same time, she started auditioning for acting roles. One gig she got was a two episode stretch on iCarly.

Her big break came in 2013, when, after years of modeling, she was cast in the risqué video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” She had already been seen in videos for Taio Cruz’s “Fast Car” and Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody,” but the attention “Blurred Lines” garnered — partly thanks to a more explicit version of the video also made available — made her into a sex symbol.

David Fincher soon snapped her up for a small but key role in Gone Girl, in which she played the student Ben Affleck’s teacher sleeps with. She went on to act with Zac Efron in the DJ drama We Are Your Friends, with Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty, with Natalie Dormer in In Darkness, and with Aaron Paul in Welcome Home. In the 2015 Entourage movie, she played a version of herself.

In 2020, Ratajkowski wrote an essay published in New York magazine in which she offered detailed allegations of sexual assault from photographer Jonathan Leder while shooting nude photos at his house.

She’s also written a book of essays, entitled My Body, in which she explores what it means to be a woman and use her body as a commodity.

Whether or not she and Davidson are dating, she has talked glowingly of him before. “Pete’s, he’s got the height. Obviously women find him very attractive,” she said on Late Night with Seth Meyers. She even hatched a theory about why men seem puzzled about all the high-profiel women he’s dated. “Guys are like, ‘Wow. What’s that guy got?’ And I’m like, I mean, he seems super charming. He’s vulnerable. He’s lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good!”