Eric Andre And Emily Ratajkowski Wished Us All A Happy Valentine’s Day (With Their Naked Bodies) On Instagram

Well, well, well.

Emily Ratajkowski has kept people guessing regarding her dating life following her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard, but now, answers are forthcoming. Notably, she did mention that the paparazzi made dating awkward for her, given that she’s been aiming to stay casual and date multiple people. That means that everyone is inadvertently informed on the situation when she’s snapped in public, which might be why she didn’t look as thrilled to publicly date Pete Davidson as her previous words would lead people to expect. She and Pete have been dunzo, and she’s seen pictured above with an incredibly enthused Eric Andre in NYC’s West Village on February 10.

This has been ongoing for several weeks, although neither Emily nor Eric has elaborated much. He’s left her some Instagram comments on racy photos, but now, he’s got racy photos of his own to show the world. And the “Happy Valentine’s Day” message could not be clearer. Here’s Andre, draped out nude on a couch like he’s a meme of one of Jack’s French ladies from Titanic. The photographer, EmRata, showed off her own nude body in the mirror.

It looks like this could be the aftermath of a Monday night Knicks game, where EmRata looked really comfy (not awkward) with Andre.

They both look happy. He certainly does. Hopefully, we’ll hear commentary about this on Emily’s High Low with EmRata podcast. Emily previously made clear (while speaking with Amber Rose) that she is simply doing her thing and not aiming to get back at her ex, although, yeah, Sebastian Bear-McClard probably will not want to see these photos.