Eric Trump Would Like You All To Know That HE Was The One Who First Found Out That The FBI Was Raiding His Daddy’s Home

What’s got two thumbs and wants everyone to know that he was “the guy” who first learned that Mar-a-Lago was being raided? THIS guy! (Well, that guy above.) Eric Trump was all up in Sean Hannity’s business on Monday night to make sure Fox News viewers understood that it was he—not Donald Trump’s favorite child Ivanka or his unhinged and perpetually amped up big brother Don Jr.—who was the one who had to deliver the news to dear old dad that the FBI may have finally caught up with his presumably illegal shenanigans and was rifling through his belongings at his Palm Beach, Florida home and golf club. They even broke into his safe!

Also, it turns out that Eric might not know which decade we’re in. As Insider reports, while chatting with Hannity on Monday night, Eric relayed that:

I was the guy that got the call this morning. I called my father to let him know that it happened. So I was involved in this all day. And, you know, welcome to politics in, you know, in… in the 2000s.

(Note: It’s 2022.)

Trump went on to attempt to exonerate his father of any wrongdoing, explaining that Saint Trump “never got so much as a speeding ticket in his entire life until he made one decision. And that’s to go… and spend a lot of money to fight for this country for the first time.” (We assume Eric is talking about his father’s presidential election and not about his status as a five-time draft dodger.)

Also, Eric may not fully comprehend the scope of an FBI raid, as he also complained about 30 FBI agents descending on Mar-a-Lago without giving any notice that they were coming. (Pssst… Eric: That’s how these things work.)

Eric went on to state that Trump “did a better job” as president “than anybody has ever done,” which seems debatable.

(Via Insider)