Fox News’ Jesse Watters Appeared To Completely Short-Circuit When News Broke That The FBI Raided Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home

On Monday, FBI agents used a search warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago, the resort where former president Donald Trump now resides. Sources told The New York Times the investigation pertained to the 15 boxes of classified material he took with him after his lone term came to an end. Trump himself whined about it on his rinky dink Twitter clone, where he also accused Hillary Clinton of stealing “antique furniture” from the White House. Fox News also covered it, and if you ever wondered what having a mental break was like, watch this.

Host Jesse Watters and former Breitbart reporter Dana Loesch were there to weigh in on the breaking news. Like most, at the time they weren’t sure why the feds had knocked on Trump’s door. But they had some theories. Lots and lots of theories. Any theory they could think of made it to air in a series of stream-of-consciousnesss splutterings.

“We were told that the FBI wasn’t going to get involved in any politically-charged search warrants, investigations, announcements, indictments before an elections. We were told that!” Watters said, visibly and audibly grasping at straws. He then brought up whatever he popped into his head. He turned the page back to the fall of 2020, when the feds, he said, refused to look into Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. “They’re going to send agents into Mar-a-Lago before the midterm election? This was not what we were told the FBI was going to do.”

Watters then moved onto Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. Then he moved onto her son. He talked about Asia. Then he moved back to Hunter. Then “suspicious wire transfers.” Watters seemed to be arguing that the FBI should be investigating…whatever all that was. “Did they get the address wrong?” he asked.

Loesch herself weighed in, claiming there was “more evidence to implicate, I think, the Bidens than ever has been.” She added “green energy stuff” to the quickly towering pile, as well as China and cobalt mines and — why not! — the Democratic Republic of Congo. “We should be talking about these issues instead of trying to settle the score of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats,” referring to someone who hasn’t had a job in the White House since 2013.

In the span of less than two-and-a-half minutes, Watters and Loesch both managed to throw out so many ideas it was like watching James Austin Johnson’s Trump impersonations, where his broken brain moves from one unrelated subject to another with dizzying speed. It was like watching a pitch meeting for Fox News conspiracy theories. Or it was a sign that they knew an era in which they both played a major part might finally be coming to an end.