Exclusive Preview: ‘Batman And Two-Face #24’

Robin is dead. Ra’s Al Ghul has stolen the bodies of both Damien and Talia. And Batman needs a partner who matches the… less than generous mood he’s in. Cue… Harvey Dent?

For those who haven’t been following, since Damien was killed, Peter Tomasi has been rotating Batman through various partners in the Bat universe, really digging into both how Batman grieves the loss of his son, and how the various members of the Bat family feel when Bruce, well, sort of loses it. He has not been taking the death of Damien well; Batman, for all his resilience, views the death of those close to him as a personal failure. That it’s his son with the woman he loves just makes it worse.

Batman And Two-Face #24 kicks off a new arc, giving Tomasi a five-issue spread to show off what he can do with a broader canvas. And it gets off to a good start, as you can see…