Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘The New 52: Future’s End’ #13 Show How A Retired Robin Handles A Mugging

If you were once Robin, and you’re faced with a mugger, what do you do? That’s a question The New 52: Future’s End #13 raises, and Tim Drake had better have a good answer.

The New 52: Future’s End has been a curious experiment on the part of DC, working in and building off of plotlines from previous New 52 books that have seen cancellation. Whether or not it consistently works is the subject of some debate among fans, but if nothing else, it’s always something interesting.

Take, for example, Tim Drake. He’s retired as Robin, although the world thinks he’s dead, and is living a quiet existence tending bar. Or, at least, that was the idea. Life has other plans, as you can see in this exclusive preview: