‘The Flash’ Adds Another Flash To Its Cast

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02.12.14 15 Comments

Hey, for once, this picture we’re posting is actually applicable to the show instead of just a goof on an old ’90s TV show. Yep, The Flash is making with the continuity gags in their latest casting news.

Yes, John Wesley Shipp, the Flash from the original ’90s TV show and some teen’s jerk dad on Dawson’s Creek, has been cast as a “mysterious character” according to the Hollywood Reporter. No, really, they actually say that:

Shipp will guest star in the pilot playing a mysterious character. Details for his character are being kept close to the vest. If the proposed Arrow spinoff receives a series order, his role would expand to recurring status.

Man, this show is going to have a lot of recurring characters if it goes to series; both Reverse Flash and Killer Frost are already confirmed as villains who will keep popping up. At this rate, we’re probably going to see Diggle pop in for a cameo where he decks the Mirror Master or something.

As for who Shipp could be playing, good question. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility he’s playing a character who isn’t part of current continuity. But then again, this is a show that cast Killer Frost. We’ll just have to see when the pilot is shot and either leaks or hits the air sometime this year.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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