A George Santos Family Member Denied They Gave Thousands To His Campaign: ‘I Don’t Have That Money To Throw Around!’

George Santos sure told a lot of lies to get elected. He even admitted to some of them. The prolific fabulist-turned-elected GOP lawmaker has been accused of deceiving voters into thinking false things about him, including that he was Jewish (he meant “Jew-ish”) or that his mom died in the 9/11 attacks (she wasn’t even in New York then). Meanwhile, reporters and investigators are still unpacking his vast web of deceit and turning up things like his own family members denying they donated to his campaign.

A new report from Mother Jones digs into his campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission, zeroing in one claims that he raked in a whopping $45,000 from his own family members. But did he? One of them, who went unnamed, was said to have contributed two separate donations of $2,900, totaling $5,800. When asked about it by Mother Jones, the person had no idea what Santos was talking about.

“I’m dumbfounded,” the relative said. “It’s all news to me.” They added, “I don’t have that money to throw around!”

Mother Jones also reached out to Santos’ own sister, Tiffany, who filings claim was responsible for over $5,000. When asked whether that or any family donations were true, she would “not confirm” one way or the other. A good sign!

On Tuesday, OANN aired a sit-down with Santos, in which he testily apologized for at least some of his fabrications. He even vowed to never bend the truth again. If you can’t trust proven liars who refuse to resign from the job they got partly through fraudulence, who can you trust?

(Via Mother Jones)