The Green Ranger Fought Ryu In A Mighty Street Fight For The Ages

There has been a Power Rangers series on television for pretty much ever year since 1993, ranging from the much-beloved original to the awesomely named Ninja Storm, so the popularity of the franchise has never really waned. We’re currently at peak Power nostalgia because of the gritty remake and the upcoming Ivan Ooze-less film, which is due out in 2017. Even some of the original Rangers are embracing their Mighty past, including MMA pro Jason David Frank, who put back on his goofy Green Ranger costume to fight Ryu in a video for Super Power Beat Down.

You know those arguments drunks have where one will say, “I bet Khal Drogo could beat up the T-Rex from Jurassic Park,” and the other counters, “Sure, what about Gina Carano vs. King Kong?” This is kind of like that.