Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyers Just Spent Days Grilling One Of The Studio Mogul’s Alleged Victims About His Bizarre Testicles Situation

While more than 80 women have come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of a range of sexually-motivated crimes, from harassment to rape, the disgraced media mogul (who apparently smells like poop) has maintained that all of his sexual encounters have been consensual — and now it’s up to his lawyers to keep running with that narrative. And if their treatment of Jane Doe #1, the first woman to be questioned in Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial, is any indication, things are bound to get nasty.

As Variety reported, the victim in question became understandably emotional during her testimony. “Through tears and sometimes uncontrollable deep breaths, the woman told the jury how Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him, groped her, pulled her hair, bent her over a sink and raped her, all after he had barged into her hotel room unannounced,” wrote Elizabeth Wagmeister for Variety.

The real surprise, however, came when Weinstein’s team whipped out its smoking gun which, in this case, was their client’s mangled testicles. Yes, part of Team Weinstein’s defense seems to be that some of the forced sex acts being alleged would be impossible, due to the fact that Harvey literally has no balls.

During his opening statement, prosecutor Paul Thompson noted Weinstein’s abnormal anatomy. “Because of an infection,” Thompson said, “his testicles were actually taken from his scrotum and put into his inner thighs.”

Weinstein’s lawyers are now using their client’s bizarre ballsack situation to try and paint at least Jane Doe #1 as a liar. They pounced upon her testimony that Weinstein had forced her to “suck him and suck his balls.” According to Variety:

When Jackson cross-examined Jane Doe #1, he questioned how she could have reported to the police that “his balls were in your mouth” — emphasizing the plural word she used — if Weinstein does not have testicles.

“The reason that you changed your story is because you realized at some point that Mr. Weinstein does not have testicles in his scrotum,” Jackson said to Jane Doe #1 on the stand. She disagreed with that statement and testified that she never changed her story, always telling detectives that Weinstein had abnormal genitalia. “I recall that he didn’t have one,” she said. “It was like empty skin.”

But Weinstein’s missing nuts weren’t the only bizarre piece of “evidence” his team brought up. After questioning why the victim would stay in Los Angeles, or in the hotel room in which she had claimed to be assaulted, they showed posts from her social media pages to make the point that she was living la dolce vita in the days following the alleged attack. They pulled images from her Facebook and Instagram accounts that showed her smiling and seemingly happy-looking, and were particularly interested in a photo she posted in which she’s posing with Al Pacino.

“I was trying to deny to myself that this happened to me,” she responded. “My public life is part of my job.”

Jane Doe #1 spent three days on the stand, and is the first alleged victim to testify in the trial. More women are expected to testify about their allegedly violent encounters with Weinstein, who is facing four counts of rape and forcible oral copulation, one count of sexual penetration by use of force, sexual battery by restraint, and sexual battery. The accusations were made by five women and cover a nine-year period in Los Angeles.

(Via Variety)