Henry Winkler Fired Back At GOP Senate Candidate Herschel Walker For Calling Celebrity Opinions One Of America’s ‘Biggest Problems’

Beloved TV actor Henry Winkler is coming for Herschel Walker. On Wednesday night, the Barry and Happy Days star took a break from posting fishing photos to fire off a tweet directly calling out the football player, who’s running for a Senate seat in Georgia.

“I need to repeat this again I am an American First with every right to an opinion … then I am an actor,” Winkler tweeted. “Got that Mr. Walker .. Mr famous Athlete.”

Unfortunately, The Fonz didn’t provide any context for his barb. His missive wasn’t a quote tweet, so there wasn’t much to go on. But after a little digging through Winkler’s timeline, it’s clear the iconic actor was not over Walker’s recent criticism that celebrities are one of America’s biggest problem.

Here’s the full Walker quote, and our apologies if you can’t make heads or tails of it because this is the kind of word salad that would make Sarah Palin, or her lesser form Lauren Boebert, green with envy.

Via NotHoodlum on Twitter:

I think some of the biggest problems going on in our country today we have so many celebrities telling people they can’t do it – telling a lot of people oh you know … you can’t do it like you gotta feel bad for yourself feel sorry for yourself which is sad to me because they done it but they telling you you can’t do it and it’s like God you did it why they can’t do it? I think that tell all kids that uh that you know, they can’t do it or … making our kids feel sorry for themselves. And ah not having it don’t want to educate. You don’t quit.

After seeing the almost incomprehensible quote, Winkler tweeted, “Aren’t [you] kind of a celeb, Hersh?” The actor also dipped into the replies and quote tweeted a user who couldn’t believe that Walker is not only on the ballot, but is polling well.

“Celebs are AMERICANS first,” Winkler tweeted.

Maybe someone gently nudge Winkler that “America First” is kind of Trump’s whole thing. The Fonz means well, of course. He’s got a good heart.

(Via Henry Winkler on Twitter)