Here’s An Example Of Why It Must Suck Terribly To Work In A Customer Service Call Center

Here’s audio of a phone call between a man who’s home security company missed an appointment — he’s especially bent at a supervisor named Michelle — and one of the company’s customer service reps. My gut is telling me that this is fake, but then again the world is chock full of raging dickheads.

Here’s some background via the person who uploaded the audio clip to YouTube…

In case you want to take the video and upload it to your channel or use it for anything, go ahead. I found the audio, but it belongs to the internet. I actually think it’d be really cool if someone wanted to animate it better.

It sounds like the original issue was that the company missed an appointment. Somehow the issue escalated to where a Michelle (probably a supervisor in a department who could do more to help) was made aware of the situation. She called him and left a voicemail and then probably went home. When the customer called back and tried to reach her or her department, because they had gone home, he kept being rerouted to the customer service/technical support department. After over 3 hours of it, he had had enough. This is his epic meltdown.

You couldn’t pay me enough to work in a customer service call center. Even if this is fake I’m sure that I’d get one a-hole caller similar to this one per week, at least. Screw that.

(Reddit via Gawker)