Herschel Walker Is Out On The Campaign Trail Giving Speeches That Sound Like Something Straight Out Of ‘SNL’ And/Or ‘Idiocracy’

Herschel Walker is currently touring the state of Georgia, desperate to pick up more votes before his scheduled run-off with Democratic incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock takes place in December. With neither politician scoring a clear win in the 2022 Midterms, Walker has had to make more stump speeches — a fact that’s probably giving his PR team a headache but is giving the rest of us some bizarre comedic gems.

Take Walker’s latest rally for instance. The former NFL player spent over two minutes rambling off the plot of an 80s horror film in an effort to sway voters to his side. According to his speech, Walker stayed up into the early hours of the morning watching Tom Holland’s original version of Fright Night, a movie about a kid who recruits a TV show host to play vampire hunter when his next-door neighbor turns out to be one of the undead. All judgment of Walker’s choice to skip the Colin Farrell remake aside, Walker initially used the film to garner some laughs from the crowd before changing course and using his time at the podium to give everyone a confusing recap of the movie that had absolutely nothing to do with his campaign talking points.

Enjoy the visceral awkwardness that ensues below:

But wait, that wasn’t the only weird AF speech Walker forced his Georgia constituents to listen to this week. In what appears to be a totally different rally held by the congressional hopeful, Walker slams the Green Party’s agenda, using Russian tanks and the factually incorrect belief that America’s doing “the best thing we can” by continuing to use “gas-guzzling” cars to defend his climate change denial stance.

In a fun game we often like to play when it comes to this guy, let’s play a round of “See If You Can Make Sense Of What Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Is Saying Here.”

In all seriousness, if Walker’s SNL-worthy run for Congress doesn’t convince everyone that they too can become a politician, we don’t know what will. The bar is just so low, folks.