Lindsey Graham Choked Back Tears While Nonsensically Trying To Save Herschel Walker From Efforts To ‘Destroy’ Him

The 2022 U.S. midterm elections spawned utter chaos in several districts, including in Colorado, where no one knows yet whether Lauren Boebert will continue to root and toot in Washington, D.C. And down in Georgia, the also-controversial, Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker will head into runoff territory against Senator Raphael Warnock. It remains wild that these are close races for both Boebert and Walker, considering their fringe behavior, but this timeline grows stranger by the day.

Speaking of strange, Senator Lindsey Graham is out there stumping (and apparently soliciting donations) for Herschel. In the process, Graham is arguing that it’s Democrats who are out to “destroy” a self-destructing candidate, who has been trounced by his own son over his contradictory abortion stance. A Black Georgia preacher also called out the GOP for pushing “the lowest caricature of a stereotypical, broken Black man.”

And here’s Lindsey Graham, who at 0:40 nearly starts crying over poor, destroyed Herschel. The wishy-washy senator from South Carolina argues that if Herschel goes down, that will be the end of the Black Republican movement.

“Here’s the most important point I’m going to make tonight: [Democrats] are trying to destroy Herschel to deter young men and women of colour from being Republicans,” Graham emphatically insisted. “If they destroy Herschel, it will deter people of color from wanting to be a conservative Republican because you just have your life ruined…. We need to have his back.”

“If Herschel wins, he’s going to inspire people all over Georgia, of colour, to become Republicans,” Graham continued. “Herschel Walker is a nightmare for liberals, he’s an African American conservative. They have treated him like crap, his family, stand by Herschel tonight, if you can give, give.” Yep, gotta ask for those dollars.