‘SNL’ Weekend Update Roasted Herschel Walker, Trump, And The Republican Party’s Failed ‘Red Wave’

This time last week, it might have seemed unlikely that the midterm elections would be bad for Republicans. And yet it has, thanks in part to Donald Trump. The former president suffered yet another major setback, with the majority of his hand-picked candidates underperforming or flaming out, snuffing out the promised/threatened “red wave.” He’s not at war with the GOP, over which he has long loomed. And on SNL Saturday night, Weekend Update was here for the battle.

“Rupert Murdoch this week officially turned on Donald Trump,” Colin Jost told the crowd. “First, the New York Post ran a cover calling Ron DeSantis, Ron DeFuture even though Ron DeFuture sounds more like a drag queen from outer space.” He continued: “Then on Thursday, The Post showed Donald Trump as an egg sitting on a wall with the headline, ‘Trumpty Dumpty,’ which had to be the easiest Photoshop job in history.”

Jost also took on Trump’s beef with his longtime potential 2024 challenger. He said that “now Trump is threatening to reveal unflattering information about Ron DeSantis. For example, did you know Ron DeSantis is in charge of a state where some maniac was hiding stolen nuclear secrets?”, he said, over images of all the government documents Trump dragged down to Mar-a-Lago.

Co-host Michael Che weighed in on Herschel Walker, one of the underperforming Trump candidates, whose race against incumbent Georgia senator Raphael Warnock has led to a runoff election in December. “Walker has offered Warnock $500 to just… take care of it, baby,” Che joked, a nod to allegations that he paid women to have abortions.

You can watch the segment in the video above.