The Woman Who Accused Herschel Walker Of Paying For Her Abortion? She Says She Also Had A Kid With Him

There’s less than a month left before Election Day, and in the home stretch it appears one race has gotten more bananas than the one between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman. In the last three days, the following things have happened to Herschel Walker, the footballer-turned-Georgia congressional candidate: He, a staunch anti-abortion advocate, has been accused of paying for a woman’s abortion, and his own son has publicly turned on him. Now there’s yet another twist in this very twisty story.

As per The Daily Beast, who broke the abortion story on Monday, have revealed that the woman who made said accusation is the mother of one of his children. The woman, whose name has not been made public, had a yearslong relationship with Walker, which resulted in an abortion as well as a kid — one of three he kept secret until this year. She’s remaining anonymous to protect her child, but she provided proof to The Daily Beast that she is the mother of one of the kids he said was his.

Since the news broke, Walker has denied the report, with lots of hand-holding from Republican media. Some in conservative circles have said the quiet part loud, admitting they don’t care if Walker had an abortion — or if he lied about it — because they just want to win a Senate seat for the GOP. Meanwhile, Walker’s own son, Christian — a Gen Z MAGA cheerleader, who has publicly supported his father’s campaign — has done a 180, turning on him with great ferocity. Christian appeared to have some thoughts about his dad’s latest news.

But we’re sure Walker — who before all this mess was known for doing things like not knowing how many states are in the U.S. — will be on Fox News soon to assert his innocence.

(Via The Daily Beast)