‘This Sh*t Is Embarrassing As Hell’: Georgians React With Horror At Bonkers Herschel Walker Speeches In A New Raphael Warnock Ad

Georgians are another week-and-change from the state’s runoff election, which will decide whether incumbent Raphael Warnock keeps his Senate seat or surrenders it to GOP challenger Herschel Walker. It’s a close race, which isn’t great: Many find former footballer Walker unqualified, to put it mildly. He’s not just a gaffe machine; in his speeches and TV appearances, he makes not a lick of sense. To stress his gift for incoherence, a new Warnock ad forces everyday Georgians to react to his appearances in real time.

The ad draws upon some of Walker’s greatest hits: his rambling about vampires and werewolves and the movie Fright Night; talking about “bad air” in China; something about a bull. (Not included, sadly: His instant classic “this erection is about the people” slip.) The ad unfolds in split-screen, toggling between multiple voters expressing horror at the guy’s broken brain.

There are lots of variations on “What in the hell is he talking about?” One participant concludes that there’s “no substance, no nothin’.” Another says, “It makes me want to laugh, then it makes me think we’re in trouble.”

Another postulates that the GOP members who’ve propped him up, including deep-in-doodoo former president Donald Trump, “just care about getting a Yes Man, somebody that’ll just punch the button.”

One puts it well: “Not only does it make no sense, I don’t even understand what he thinks he’s saying.” Yet another put it even more succinctly: “This sh*t is embarrassing as hell.”

You can watch the ad in the embedded tweet above. The Georgia runoff takes place on December 6.