Howard Stern Criticized Rihanna For Lip-Syncing Her Halftime Show Before Making A Very Howard Joke About Who Was Really Singing

For her Super Bowl halftime show, Rihanna performed over 60 feet in the air on a wobbly platform dangled above thousands of football fans, and she pulled the whole thing off while noticeably pregnant. (The singer confirmed she has a second baby on the way following the performance.) The spectacle was pretty darn impressive unless, of course, you ask Howard Stern.

The shock jock apparently wasn’t blown away by Rihanna’s aerial feats while pregnant, and he griped during his Monday morning show that she seemed to be lip-syncing. “I don’t even know why she bothered showing up. I gotta tell you. I love Rihanna’s voice. I think it’s a wonderful voice,” Stern said before sharing his theory with co-host Robin Quivers about how Rihanna only seemed to be actually singing when she was on stage with her band. Via Mediaite:

“But I would say now, again, I could be wrong, but I — in my opinion, 85 percent of that performance was lip sync,” Stern added.

“Well, the big giveaway — the big giveaway might be when she puts the microphone down by her knees and her lips aren’t moving. And the other voices are going,” Stern said.

The conversation then took a very Howard turn when he theorized on who was really singing during Rihanna’s halftime show. (Hint: It was her “special guest.”)

“I had a theory, Rihanna was not lip-syncing, but she put the microphone near her vagina so the new baby could sing,” Stern joked. “The baby was singing backup.”

(Via Mediaite)