So Many Fans Are Making The Same Nintendo-Related Joke About Rihanna’s High-Wire Super Bowl Performance

While it seems that plenty of fans are divided about Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show performance (some loved it, some were disappointed, and many were distracted by her baby bump reveal), one group of viewers is having a field day with Photoshop thanks to her high-wire act.

Rihanna began and ended her set standing on a platform that was suspended high over the field. Her dancers flanked her on similar platforms. And for a certain kind of fan, the whole setup wound up looking vaguely familiar…

That’s right: Rihanna’s a Super Smash Bro. now (give us the DLC, Nintendo!).

For those who don’t know, Super Smash Bros. is a Nintendo fighting game series that brings together characters from the company’s most popular properties (Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Starfox, to name a few) to beat the hell out of each other on… suspended platforms hovering over a bottomless pit. The goal of the game, unlike many fighting games, is for fighters to throw their opponents off the stage — the last man (or Pokémon or anthropomorphic animal or whatever-the-hell-Kirby-is) standing wins.

So many fans had a ball making the same Nintendo-related jokes and adding graphics from the game, but there’s one, clear winner here:

Check out more fans enjoying Rihanna’s high-flying Super Bowl performance below.