Is This Powder-Faced Mugshot Man A Mystery Wrapped Within An Enigma Wrapped Within An 8-Ball?

You know that scene in True Romance where Eliot is getting blown by a whore while speeding through the hills of Hollywood only to wind up with cocaine all over his face after getting pulled over by a cop? I really hope that’s what happened here.

Reports the Miami New Times:

Travis Williams (click photo to enlarge) was arrested on Wednesday for disorderly conduct/breach of the peace, which does not address the question as to why he’s covered in a white powder. (If the charge was trafficking exactly one skin-load of cocaine, that’d be another matter.) We got the arrest affidavit (below) from the Miami Police Department and it provided tantalizingly… little.

Williams was apparently at the Bayside Marketplace around noon, screaming at and trying to hit patrons, when cops rolled up. He allegedly got into a fighting stance and said: “Fuck you, motherfucker!”

The police officer who filled out the report clearly is the unflappable type. Let’s see, African-American ethnicity, 5-foot-9, 164 pounds, brown eyes, bald… and here’s the best part: Under “scars, tattoos, and unique physical features”, the officer wrote “None visible.”

Regardless, I think we’ve found our Mugshot of the Year winner right here. The rest of you freaks can hang it up til 2013.

Meanwhile, your move, Ohio.