Instagram Is Reportedly Pulling A Page From MySpace’s Book By Testing A ‘Profile Song’ Feature For Users

Instagram has undergone several design changes over the course of this year, from briefly testing a full-screen version of the app to imitate their competitor TikTok, lowering recommended posts, and slowly removing the Shop section of the app. However, they have plans for even more updates in the works. Developer and self-proclaimed leaker Alessandro Paluzzi frequently shares behind-the-scenes details of what they’re planning next.

Since September alone, Paluzzi has posted that Instagram is testing a repost feature, which was later confirmed to TechCrunch, as well as the ability to search for reels, a “Roll Call” feature, and the ability to comment with gifs.

Arguably the most interesting recent reveal from Paluzzi is Instagram’s plans to allow users to add a song of their personal choice to their profile. Meta (the umbrella of what most know as Facebook and Instagram) spokesperson Christine Pai told CNET in an email statement that Paluzzi’s music update discovery “is an internal prototype, and not testing externally.” Still, it means it is something they are, at the very least, considering bringing to the app.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. And you were also likely a teen, or older, active on MySpace during its prime era. (I was not.) Following the teaser of getting your own song on social media again, many users who stumbled upon the news were incredibly enthusiastic about getting some of that e-nostalgia back. There’s also something comedic in borrowing inspiration from something you helped destroy, like Netflix dropping a Blockbuster show.

While Instagram has allowed users to share specific songs from Spotify and other streaming platforms on their IG stories, this one would appear directly on your profile. Out of all the choices of songs out there, how do you even narrow down your one true theme song? For me, it’s like choosing a favorite child from Taylor Swift’s complete discography — and that’s just wrong.

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