Add Trevor Noah To The Long List Of People Who Think Instagram ‘Sucks’ Now

It’s probably not a huge leap to think that sticking Trevor Noah in a room with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner and asking them to find three things they have in common would be an arduous task. “Ummm… breathing?” But one thing we now know they could all wax angrily about is Instagram’s annoying new redesign, which is geared toward becoming more like TikTok and erasing the people you actually follow from your feed.

Earlier this week, Jenner—who is the most followed woman on Instagram, with 350 million people creeping her every post—posted an open letter to Instagram, which is now part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta family, telling the company to “Make Instagram Instagram Again.” On Wednesday night, The Daily Show host joined her in her Insta-hate:

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you may have noticed that it, ummm, it sucks. Right? Everything is an ad and your feed is full of people you don’t follow, which is so confusing. ‘Cause I’m scrolling, and I start reading someone’s post and I’m like, ‘Do I know this person? Was I supposed to be at this wedding?’ And then you look and it says ‘Because you follow your friend, we thought you might like a post from a stranger.’ No I don’t!!

While everyday users of what has always been known as a photo app have been complaining as the company has quietly rolled out these changes, Noah said it took criticism from the aforementioned Kardashian-Jenner clan—or, as he calls them, “the royal family of Instagram”—for the company to actually respond. And what Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri essentially said is that he doesn’t really care what the platform’s users are saying because they know what you want better than you do. In other words: They’re standing firm in their commitment to pushing more video content from people you’ve never clapped eyes on in your life.

“Yeah, that’s right people,” Noah mocked. “You thought Instagram was for pictures of your friends. Well that’s OVER! You were always bitching about brunch pics? Now you’re going to be begging to see them. You’ll be like, ‘Please! Was it eggs? Was it avocado toast? I just want to know what my friends were eating!!”

You can watch Noah’s full Instagram takedown above, beginning around the 6:10 mark.