It’s Every Vicious Alien For Themselves In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Green Lantern’ #32

It’s a truism in the DC Universe: Don’t mess with the Green Lanterns. And it’s something that a coalition of alien races learn the hard way, in our exclusive preview of Green Lantern #32.

If you haven’t been following the book, essentially it asks what happens when you don’t trust the intergalactic police. In the wake of events such as Lights Out, aliens such as the Khund and the Durlans have decided that maybe the Lanterns shouldn’t be defending the universe considering their bosses went insane and they had to fight a giant yellow being that blew up Oa and killed millions.

Unfortunately, they went about this is a rather backstabby way, instead of just politely asking the Green Lanterns to buzz off. And if you pick a fight with Hal Jordan, you get a green boot to the chin. Similarly, you shouldn’t team up with a species noting for backstabbing, as this preview shows. Green Lantern #32 will be on the stands next week, complete with “bombshell” variant cover.