It’s Vampires Vs. Centaurs In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Hinterkind’ #9

What if there were an apocalypse that reduced humanity’s numbers to almost nothing? What if that opened the door for mythological creatures to return? And what if they hated us and found us delicious? That, as you may have guessed, is the fundamental premise of Hinterkind, Vertigo’s very different take on the post-apocalyptic story.

Ian Edgington’s concept may sound a bit like “Fables, but after the end” on paper, but on the actual page, it’s something very different. Edgington knows his fairy stories: For example, the elves in this book aren’t cuddly little pointy-eared hippies, they’re violent jerks. Even the unicorns want a taste of human flesh, and the humans themselves… well, suffice to say that things change when your ecosystem changes.

There’s also plenty of modern technology available, not to mention mythical creatures plenty dangerous even before they get their hands on assault rifles. As this preview shows us…

Hinterkind #9 is out next week.