Jack Black Performed A ‘School Of Rock’ Song For A Young Fan And Instantly Went Viral

School Of Rock is one of those movies where you’re clearly rooting for the bad guy, but they’re played by an actor so charismatic that what they do on screen comes off as endearing no matter how dangerous it is. Which is why it should be no surprise that, years later, Jack Black‘s antics from the 2003 film are as charming as ever.

Nearly two decades later, in fact, Black’s Dewey is still delighting children in real life. Despite playing a mostly delusional guy who pretends to be a teacher and completely derails the education of an entire class of children in order to fulfill his own musical ambitions, Black is basically the hero of the movie and remains beloved by fans. But in real life, Black is viewed as a pretty good guy. And over the weekend, a clip of Black singing a song from the movie to a child with a rare disease went viral after footage from the charity event Black hosts hit social media.

As Variety detailed, Black was at the Layla Paige and Friends Walk for TrinityKids Care event in early October, which Black hosts to raise money for child hospice programs in California. Meeting a boy named Abraham, a 15-year-old with a mitochondrial disease called Pearson syndrome, Black learned that School of Rock was his favorite movie.

In the clip, reveals that his favorite song from School of Rock is “In the End of Time,” which Black performs with his child band from the show. The song is about getting kicked out of his old band, which kick-starts the whole movie’s plot. And in the clip, Black jumped into an impromptu version of the song, much to the delight of everyone around him.

It’s a sweet moment, and also fairly impressive that he knew the lyrics nearly 20 years after the movie hit theaters. But Black’s an entertainer, through and through. And he certainly made an impression for one super fan.

[via Variety]