Jack Black Pays A Magical Visit To The ‘School Of Rock’ Broadway Cast

It’s kind of crazy to stop and think that Jack Black’s School of Rock dates way back to 2003. School of Rock was a delightful film about a fifth grade teacher that taught his class not only how to love music, believe in themselves and all of that other great stuff, but how to rock. Rocking is an invaluable life skill that not many of us are taught properly and have to learn the hard way. The legacy of that film lives on as the Broadway musical of School of Rock that is rocking audiences to this day.

The cast of the Broadway version of School of Rock can add yet another feather in their cap now, because they just had a visit from Jack Black himself, where he seemed pretty thrilled with the whole thing. According to Billboard, Black attended a matinee of the musical with his son at the Winter Garden Theatre and just had to go backstage to hand out high-fives to the cast and crew.

“It was so good. There were so many times I went, ‘I could not have done it that well,'” he said, surrounded by thrilled kids. “You made me laugh. You made he cry. You made me rock.”

The musical from Julian Fellowes and Andrew Lloyd Webber began back in November and this was actually Black’s first time attending a performance of it. For someone who is as protective of his work as he is, he seemed pretty thrilled with the adaptation.

(Via Billboard)