Jacob Wohl Has Been Formally Charged With A Felony, Shocking People On Twitter

NBC / YouTube

It’s been a while since we heard from Jacob Wohl, the clumsy Inspector Closeau of pro-Trump pranksters. And with good reason: Back in February the young professional troll was permanently banned on Twitter after he bragged — to a journalist, at USA Today — that he was planning on creating fake social media accounts to sway future elections. If you’ve wondered what he’s been up to, then here you go: The Daily Beast is reporting that Wohl has been formally charged with a felony.

In mid-August, the state of California quietly issued an arrest warrant for Wohl and a former business partner, alleging that they unlawfully sold fake securities back in 2016 under a company called Montgomery Assets. On Wednesday Wohl appeared in court. He was released on his own recognizance, due to report for his arraignment in late October.

Some may wonder why this has taken so long. Indeed, when Wohl orchestrated a chaotic and surreal press conference to claim he found a woman who had accused Trump super-foe Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct — who then didn’t show up and later claimed she’d been deceived by Wohl into participating — he was asked by a reporter if he was ready to go to federal prison.

Wohl, currently all of 21, first entered the mainstream when he was caught making obviously false tweets about going to “hipster coffee shops” only to happen upon liberals covertly talking about how much they love Trump. Wohl frequently tried to use his know-how and chutzpah to aid the president, of whom he is a big fan, going after his enemies, including Kamala Harris, Ilhan Omar, and the aforementioned Mueller. He even tried to pick a Twitter fight with Chrissy Teigen. All stunts backfired spectacularlyy.

Before he became the King Midas in reverse of right-wing politics, Wohl was a boy wonder financier, although not because he was good. Before he was even 19 he was given a lifetime ban by the National Futures Association after he was accused of cheating a client out of a sizable investment. That stunt did not land him in jail, but never underestimate an overachiever.

In any case, the news brought much of the internet together in universal joy.

Oh, and one more thing: Only Friday people were pointing out that Wohl was badly faking travel posts on Instagram.

Or wait, there was also that time he falsely accused people of claiming he dated Instagram models.

Honestly, Wednesday was a weird one for the news.

In any case, Wohl isn’t due to be arraigned until October 24. That gives him almost two months to do something uniquely weird before retiring to a place with limited internet access.

(Via The Daily Beast)