James Carville Thinks Democrats Need To Be More Aggressive With ‘Out-And-Out Weird’ Republicans Who Are Into ‘Testicle Tanning’

The Republican Party has had long problems, but ever since moving Trump-ward, they’ve gotten bizarre, too. It’s a strange old party now, increasingly filled with unhinged lunatics trying to rewrite reality, even if it means denying a very clear re-election loss or protesting public health measures that actively get your constituents killed. (Then incoherently trying to blame the other side for those deaths.) And James Carville has had enough.

The longtime Democratic consultant, who helped drive Bill Clinton into the White House and who has been begging his party to get more aggressive, went on MSNBC and told host Ari Melber need to get a lot more aggressive about pointing out how the GOP has gone off the deep end.

“The problem is they are a weird political party. They need to be branded as such,” Carville told Melber. He alluded to the 26 QAnon candidates on the ballot this fall, saying they’re not “necessarily the extreme” of the current Republican party. “These are people that talk about testicle tanning. These are people that go to Hungary for conferences,” he said, alluding to two things Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson has done: promote dodgy ways to rescue allegedly dwindling testosterone levels in men and going to a country ruled by an actual authoritarian and singing their praises.

“A large part of the Republican party is just out-and-out weird,” he concluded. “And when you have Moscow Mitch, ‘We need more sane people,’ that means you’ve got a lot of really crazy people.”

Carville then singled out Peter Navarro, who worked in the Trump administration and who was hailed as the most “serious person in the White House,” he said. “You’re telling me that he’s a normal human being? No. And he’s not even among the worst.”

In the year-plus that the Biden administration has been in the White House, they’ve largely gone easy on the other side, perhaps hoping for some return to bipartisanship that has barely existed for the last 20 years. (Remember, “Moscow” Mitch McConnell openly vowed to be nothing but an obstructionist to Barack Obama during his first term almost 15 years ago.) But perhaps they should take a page from Carville, a successful kingmaker, and start loudly pointing out that the other side has lost their damn minds.

(Via Raw Story)