James Franco And Seth Rogen Reveal The Story Behind Their ‘Bound 2’ Parody And Kanye West’s Reaction

To round out their busy Tonight Show visit, Seth Rogen and James Franco took part in one of the show’s backstage interviews with the topic being their hilarious shot for shot “Bound 2” parody video. Now we covered the pair’s interview with Pitchfork from back in April, but this goes into more detail about what happened before they were asked to recreate their magic at the Kim and Kanye wedding extravaganza.

It all ties in as great marketing for The Interview if anything, which hopefully we won’t get burned out on before Christmas with all the talk show appearances and red band trailers. As for Kanye West, I admire his honesty. No one could’ve spent more than an hour on the original ‘Bound 2’ video.

(Via The Tonight Show)