Jason Momoa Showed Off His Enormous New Head Tattoo After Shaving Off Some Of His Famous Locks

I once had the very surreal experience of sitting across a table from Jason Momoa while he casually pulled his hair into a scrunchie. Sadly, this wasn’t one of his prized pink scrunchies, but the effect was there, and Momoa often makes waves (as an Aquaman does) while shaking up his hair game. He went blonde-ish for that much delayed DC/Warner Bros. sequel, and he recently shaved part of his head to draw awareness to our plastic-polluted oceans.

As if that wasn’t enough head-turning action, Momoa has now acquired a massive head tattoo, which was “20 years in the making,” according to his first Instagram post on the subject. Take a look, and we’ll talk more in a minute.

Jason’s PR team confirmed (to Just Jared) that this tattoo is, in fact, the real deal, and “[I]t’s a huge piece, it’s related to his Hawaiian roots and culture.” And true to his ocean-loving reputation, Momoa got in a plug for ditching plastic in the above post. Below, things grow more intense with Momoa showing off behind-the-scenes photos of his tattoo day, which he called a “powerful moment in my life.”

The intensity of this tattoo experience must have been no joke. Getting a tattoo anywhere close to bone is more painful than a fleshier part of the body, and one can only imagine the headache after the fact. Yet Momoa (who has a similarly designed tattoo, created by Mahalo Tobias, on his arm) wanted this to happen for decades, and he must be glowing. Granted, he’s now got less hair to put into scrunchies, but he’ll surely make it work.