Jeffrey Dean Morgan Revealed How He Got ‘Baited’ By A Road Rager, And His Followers Had Some Choice Jokes

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a lot going on these days. Not only is he about to appear again in AMC’s The Walking Dead: Dead City spinoff, but he will also appear in a smallish role on Season 4 of The Boys. Additionally, he must deal with all of the trappings of celebrity life, and that unfortunately includes recently being tailed by someone who began mouthing off to the guy who plays Negan. As such, Morgan described an incident that began to edge into road rage territory.

“To the asshat that was going 15 below speed limit, that recognized me after brake checking three times? Then chased me down just to film me, to let me know he was gonna ruin my career? ‘I work for HBO and make more money!'” the P.S. I Love You actor tweeted. “You baited me. Stuck a phone RIGHT in my face? Im here.”

Morgan then appeared to express some regret at how he handled the situation, although he did not provide specifics other than getting “riled.”

“Should have known I was being baited,” Morgan admitted. “Once the idiot chased me down. Who does that? It was over. Dude gave me my resume after I got riled. Started spouting names that I’d never heard of. But? One inch from my nose video. Ugly. Don’t be like me folks. Let the a**holes go.”

Again, no news stories have surfaced (yet) regarding this incident, but when people started thinking about road rage, they also thought about Beef, starring Morgan’s former The Walking Dead co-star, Steven Yeun. And then people thought about how Negan bashed Glenn’s head in with a baseball bat. And Lucille got some shoutouts, too. And the chaos began.

It’s amazing how many people were thinking of good ol’ Lucille. People will certainly be thinking about her when The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres on June 18.