The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Calmly Weighed In On Jeffrey Toobin’s CNN Return While Meghan McCain Raged On Twitter

Despite being fired from The New Yorker after being caught masturbating during a Zoom call ahead of the 2020 election, Jeffrey Toobin made a surprise return to CNN on Thursday after being off the air since the incident. Toobin maintains that the whole thing was “moronic,” but it was an honest mistake caused by the anchor not realizing his end of the Zoom conversation was still on-camera.

Naturally, Toobin returning to CNN is a controversial decision for the network, and it seems like exactly the type of topic that would make for a spirited debate on The View. Instead, the co-hosts were mostly in agreement that the Toobin incident was a stupid thing to do, but rests in a “gray area” because, as Ana Navarro noted, the only person he sexually harassed was himself. Joy Behar took things a step further by saying that what Toobin did doesn’t make him a “bad person.” Via Mediaite:

“He said that he wants to be a better person. He’s working at a food bank. I don’t see the correlation between needing to engage Mr. Happy and being a bad person,” Behar said while addressing the interview. “I mean, maybe it causes blindness, but I don’t see how it causes you to be a bad person.”

While Whoopi seemed to be the only co-host to chastise Toobin and warned other men like him to just “go to another room,” it was a relatively calm segment thanks to Meghan McCain being absent. While The View co-host is often the source of tension on the panel, she saved her thoughts on Toobin for Twitter, where the conservative host spent the weekend blasting CNN for bringing the legal analyst back.

“SO F*CKING TIRED OF IT!!!!” McCain tweeted when the news first hit.

McCain then tagged CNN and demanded to know the network’s policy for self-pleasuring Zoom calls. “I want to know if the official stance of @CNN is that it’s okay to jerk off on a zoom call to your female colleagues as long as the camera is *off? Since the camera being *on was apparently the issue.”

(Via The View)