Meghan McCain Called Out ‘The Bachelor’ For Its Lack Of Diversity While Discussing Chris Harrison’s Exit

During a panel discussion on Chris Harrison leaving The Bachelor after being embroiled in a racist controversy that’s plagued the reality show for the better part of the year, The View‘s Meghan McCain unloaded on the dating series for its palpable lack of diversity. After blasting Harrison for how he dismissed Extra host Rachel Lindsay’s concerns about contestant Rachael Kirkconnell attending an antebellum-themed party in college, McCain basically said the whole show is trash.

“I don’t love The Bachelor,” McCain said. “I apologize to our parent company ABC. I mean no disrespect to the work that’s done on this network, but it’s an extremely problematic show.”

According to McCain, The Bachelor has fallen woefully short when it comes to diversity, and not just racially, but in body types as well. The View co-host voiced her criticisms at the 3:55 mark below:

And in true Meghan McCain-style, she made about it she was always open-minded when it came to dating. Via Mediaite:

“There’s no different bodies — different people. Dating is about experiencing the world. I dated every kind of race, every kind of person, cause I never knew who was going to be the one,” she continued. “I think that’s more reflective of 2021, so I think the show has a lot of make-overs to do in a lot of different ways that goes way beyond the host.”

In McCain’s defense, racism is one of the very rare instances where she deviates from her fellow Republicans. Last week, she agreed that reparations need to be paid for the Tulsa Race Massacre, and in a notable departure from conservative circles, McCain supported teaching Critical Race Theory in schools.

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