Fox News’ Jesse Watters Claims That He Can ‘Tell’ If Someone Is An Illegal Immigrant Just By Looking At Them

Jesse Watters made a bold and wildly problematic claim on Tuesday night’s episode of The Five. According to the Fox News anchor, he can “tell” if someone is an illegal immigrant just by looking at them.

Watters made the odd boast during a discussion on New York Mayor Eric Adams, who angered The Five host by blasting Texas Governor Greg Abbott for “targeting” cities with Black mayors. Abbott has been busing migrants from Texas to several cities including Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

Watters slammed Adams for being mad about Abbott’s actions because New York is a sanctuary city. “That’s what you signed up for,” Watters said before whipping out a strange anecdote involving his illegal immigrant-spotting powers.

Via The Daily Beast:

“I saw on the way into work an illegal immigration family digging through the trash looking for recyclables,” Watters said, prompting co-host Jessica Tarlov to ask him how he was so sure.

“You can tell,” claimed Watters, whose explanation didn’t fly with Tarlov. “I can tell! I’m a city guy. You don’t want me to get into it, but I can tell.”

Watters’ boast marks an interesting juxtaposition for Fox News on the heels of the network reportedly firing Tucker Carlson over a racist text message that was uncovered during the Dominion lawsuit. In the text that celebrated the beating of an alleged Antifa member by a mob, Carlson made a remark that reportedly was the final straw for Fox.

“Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously,” Carlson wrote. “It’s not how white men fight.”

Jesse Watters claiming to know who’s an illegal immigrant just by glance is perfectly fine though.

(Via The Daily Beast)