Jesse Watters Is Handling The Possible Trump Indictment About As Well As One Would Expect: ‘They Better Not Put My President In Prison’

Is Donald Trump about to get indicted? The world may soon find out. Fox News will almost certainly go into full nuclear meltdown mode when/if it happens, but on Monday night, before the day Trump himself predicted it would all go down, the show’s stars did some pre-gaming, having some old fashioned freak-outs at the very idea that the disgraced former — and, somehow, maybe future — president could be held accountable for his actions.

“They better not put my president in prison,” a very worked-up Jesse Watters ranted on that day’s airing of The Five. “He represents 74 million Americans. And if he’s the nominee, you’re putting 74 million votes in prison. And that’s how I see it.”

Trump’s crime involves the $130,000 hush money payment sent to Stormy Daniels mere weeks before the 2016 presidential election, a crime for which his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, did time. Watters dismissed it as a mere “bookkeeping charge,” then turned to a line that’s been popular among Trump defenders of late: that there are other crimes happening in New York City, so why doesn’t Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg tackle those instead? (Or cover only those and not this one.)

“He’s emptying the prison — what, to make room for Trump?” Watters railed. “No one else is getting charged with anything.” But he was only getting warmed up. “The guy wants to make a name for himself, obviously, because he wants to be…the first prosecutor to throw cuffs on Trump,” said Watters. “That’ll get you elected pretty much governor in the state of New York. That’s what he’s after.”

On the eve of Trump’s possible indictment (which might not even happen, at least not that day), New York City police started ramping up security measures, including putting up barriers at places like the courthouse where Trump may soon find himself being fingerprinted. But trying to protect the city’s denizens from supporters who’ve already proven themselves violent was misguided, Watters said, and could itself “trigger another January 6.”

Watters even advised MAGA types to not follow in the same footsteps as the likes of QAnon Shaman and the Coors guy, saying, “Don’t fall for it.”

Watters wasn’t the only one steamed about the looming maybe indictment. Tucker Carlson predictably went all doomsday on his show a few hours later, claiming that if the former president is punished for his actions, “voters will never again determine the outcome of a presidential election.” Okay, then!

In other words, Tuesday, March 21 should be something, whether anything happens to Trump or not.

(Via The Daily Beast)