Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Is Mad That College Kids Aren’t Hot Anymore, And People Are Creeped Out

Greg Gutfeld is tired of college students not being hot anymore. The Five host, who for the record is 58-years-old, ranted on Thursday night that the latest generation of undergrads aren’t up to his standards. The comments came during a large discussion on a university that’s supposedly offered a course called “Doing Nothing,” which led to a typical Fox News attack on higher education before Gutfeld made things creepy.

Via The Daily Beast:

“Have you seen how miserable and how miserable-looking a lot of these students are?” he lamented.

Gutfeld claimed students are “deliberately ugly-fying themselves” and “rejecting the truth in beauty.” He continued: “You see them on TikTok, they’re out of shape, they’re asexual… they all look like rejects from the loony bin.”

After revealing that the spends his free time looking at co-eds on TikTok, Gutfeld referred to the old Fox News chestnut of complaining about academia. “I think the course in doing nothing is actually majoring in gender studies,” Gutfeld quipped before saying that he thinks the high price of tuition is “one of the main reasons why people aren’t going” to college anymore. That’s quite the remark from a guy who said earlier in the year that he’s willing to “go to war” over student loan forgiveness.

But veering back to the creepiness, the clip of Gutfeld complaining about non-hot college students started bouncing around Twitter where people had several thoughts on an almost 60-year-old Fox News host critiquing the looks of kids just out of high school.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via The Daily Beast)