Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Recapped Donald Trump And Ted Cruz’s Deranged Speeches From The NRA’s ‘Meeting Of The Mindless’

The NRA has rarely missed the chance to be in the right place at the most inappropriate time. They proved their impeccable timing yet again over Memorial Day weekend when they decided to proceed with their annual conference, where thousands of gun lovers and pro-gun lawmakers gathered in Houston, Texas, just days after 21 innocent people were killed less than 300 miles away at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel didn’t waste any time in laying into the thoughtlessness of everything about the event, which he dubbed a “meeting of the mindless.”

Kimmel shared a clip of a charming couple who very seriously declared that “demons” were the ones to blame for America’s gun problem and that “we don’t need gun control, we need demon control.” Which offered Kimmel the perfect segue to talk about how “Ted Cruz was on hand in Houston to spread his slime all over the NRA halls” (and how he was heckled while he tried to enjoy a nice sushi dinner out in Houston).

Of course, Cruz is on a door rant right now and used some of that material on the crowd in Houston. After explaining that the gunman in Uvalde got into Robb Elementary through an unlocked door (a story school employees deny) and going off about how we need to upgrade our schools to have bulletproof doors, etc. “Senator Ooze” waited for his obligatory round of applause. Except there was a problem with Cruz’s whole story, according to Kimmel:

“By the way, the school in Uvalde already had heavy-duty locking doors. That’s how the killer kept the police out. The police had to get the janitor to give them their keys to unlock it. Any other bright ideas, dumbass?”

But Cruz was only the warm-up act for Donald Trump, who was oblivious to the irony when he told the crowd how “we need to make it far easier to confine the violent and mentally deranged into mental institutions. We have also, very importantly, got to deal with the problem of broken families, because no law can cure the effects of a broken home.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” observed Kimmel. “The deranged narcissist who had children with three different women is lecturing us about mental illness and broken homes.” He also shared a clip of how, after mangling the names of the victims in Uvalde, the former president closed out his appearance “the way only he can”—by busting out his signature hip gyration-fist pump move.

“They were giving him a round of applause,” noted Kimmel. “What’s he gonna do, not dance?!”

Donald Trump dancing at NRA event

You can watch the full segment above.