The Joe Rogan-Sanjay Gupta Meeting Of The Minds Did Not Impress ‘The View’s Sunny Hostin: ‘I’m Not Interested In Understanding Crazy’

In 2020, Bill Burr absolutely blasted Joe Rogan for saying that people who wear masks during the pandemic are “bitches.” Rogan, of course, went on to contract Covid-19 and then grew enormously fed-up (“bro, do I have to sue CNN?”) when people mocked him for taking Ivermectin, a medicine used for farm-animals as a dewormer, as part of his “kitchen sink” arsenal against the virus.

Well, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta decided to accept Rogan’s invitation (although he noted that friends tried to talk him out of the gesture) for a 3-hour podcast discussion, so that happened this week, and Rogan took issue with being mocked because “I literally got it from a doctor,” and “I can afford people medicine, motherf*cker.” Gupta ended up conceding that taking “horse dewormer” isn’t the most flattering thing to hear about yourself on TV, and well, was Gupta’s actual mission accomplished? Presumably, this was an “olive branch” sort of appearance from Gupta and meant to help pro- and anti-vaxxers to understand each other, and The View weighed in on the visit’s possible effectiveness. Sunny Hostin quickly established her position, which is basically that this was a waste of Gupta’s time:

“Sanjay said he went there to understand his thinking. I love Sanjay, we worked together. We used to do these medical legal segments on CNN. Sanjay is a brilliant man. I’m not so interested in understanding the Trump mind. I’m not so interested in understanding the anti-vax mind. Because I’m not interested in understanding crazy. I don’t think you can make sense of crazy.”

Hostin’s remarks arrived around the 2:40 mark below.

Point taken, but it’s worth noting that Hostin was the only lady of the bunch who felt the way. The rest of them (Ana Navarro, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd) agreed that it was worth a shot for Gupta to maybe convince a few of Joe Rogan’s millions of monthly listeners on the subject of vaccines. Clearly, Gupta meant well, but whether or not any Rogan listeners who change their minds actually do speak up remains to be seen.