Joe Rogan Has COVID And Is Naturally Taking Horse Dewormer To Treat It

The world today is exhaustingly unpredictable, every day a flurry of Mad Libs news stories of random nightmares no one was expecting. For instance: A lot of anti-vaxxers sick with the disease they don’t believe is that big a deal are taking horse dewormers, then making themselves sicker. That one came out of nowhere. But this story was bound to happen eventually: Joe Rogan, noted free thinker and spreader of pandemic misinformation, tested positive for COVID. And of course he’s taking the aforementioned animal drugs to treat it.

In a post on Instagram with the caption “I GOT COVID,” the NewsRadio alum-turned-podcast king reveals that he returned from a gig on Saturday feeling “very weary” and “just run-down.” Sure enough, he tested positive for the coronavirus the next day. At that point he “threw the kitchen sink at it,” taking an army of drugs — including, Ivermectin, better known as the farm animal dewormer that somehow has poisoned the brains of American anti-vaxxers (as well as their bodies).

Did it work? Who knows? After bingeing on various treatments of various efficacy and safety for three days, he said he feels “great.” The “bad news,” he said, was that he had to cancel a show he was doing alongside Dave Chappelle on Friday, moving that to late October.

He ended by giving a “wonderful, heartfelt thank you to modern medicine for pulling me out of this so quickly and easily.”

Rogan has claimed that he’s “not an anti-vax person,” advising that anyone over 16 should get one of the three vaccines designed to battle COVID. But he’s also repeatedly slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci and claimed, falsely, that those who are young and healthy don’t “need” to get dosed, which caused White House officials to correct him.

So when Rogan revealed he’d gotten the ‘rona and was taking a drug used to eradicate worms in farm animals, people weren’t that surprised.

Others pointed out that when an extremely popular podcaster beloved by people who don’t listen to experts sings the praises of horse medicine — which has led to an uptick in poisons — that might be a bit irresponsible.

In the meantime, please don’t take horse drugs to treat COVID. And just, like, generally, too. Don’t take horse drugs at all.